I’m not just a funny guy

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Maybe because I wrote a funny thing or two, some of you may think that I’m just a funny guy. I’ll tell you my true story. I’m nineteen years old. I got my bacc (do we say so in English?) a month ago and I’ll try to enter in a polytechnician college. But, I hate maths so you can figure how sad I am now. The thing I’m really fond of is art, all forms of art (or maybe not, just drawing and writing, but it’s art, isn’t it?). My models are, … maybe I don’t have any model in life. I’m the pionner of a new type of man : the Mekind. Perhaps I’m not alone in this earth after all. So you see, I’m not just a funny guy, I’m also a … have a nice day.


Something extraordinary (only if you speak french, sorry)

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Faites le test suivant, c’est vraiment impressionnant. Promis ce n’est pas une attrape. SVP faite le bien et jusqu’au bout, ce n’est pas long.

Vous êtes vous jamais demandé si votre esprit est normal ou s’il est différent? Bon, faites sérieusement l’exercice de réflexion et trouvez la réponse!!!!!!
Suivez juste les instructions, et répondez aux questions une par une et aussi vite que possible, mais n’avancez pas avant d’avoir terminé la précédente. Vous n’êtes pas obligé d’écrire vos réponses. Vous serez étonné du résultat, c’est garantie !

Combien font








eh oui, c’est plus dur les calculs mais c’est le vrai exercice!
alors courage

Puis descendez a nouveau.

Descendez encore.

Descendez encore.

Vous pensez à un marteau rouge pas vrai???

Si ce n’est pas le cas, vous faites partie des 2% de la population dont l’esprit est assez différent pour penser a autre chose.
98% de la population répondront ‘marteau rouge’ si on leur donne cet exercice a faire. Ca fout les boules hein?

Did you ever seen the rain?

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I’m sorry but the title may have deceived you : I’m not going to talk about Creedence (the best singer of all time? Nahhhhhhhhh). I’m going to talk about the weather. Here in the south, the sun is shining high in the sky the morning and afternoon, we often got very heavy rains. One of them nearly killed me, and it’s all because of a girl. Ahhh, it’s not what you think, uh, I think… I’m not going to tell the whole story today, just that I like this girl more after the incident. And I said I like her, not that I love her, because I’m cursed to never love anyone. But what is love actually? No one can answer, I’m sure. If you think you know the answer, post it, so I can laugh!!!!!!!!! Don’t take it personally.

Oh God, I’m popular!

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Ah, you can’t imagine how happy I am. A few days ago, I was just a little guy who had no luck, no money and not a single girlfriend (yeah, pathetic…). Now, I’m not only an unlucky little guy without a girl, but I have to take care of a blog (please don’t cry!!!!) and check my mails at least once a week (a thing that I usually do each year). And it’s all because of you! But, I’m good and I forgive you. I’m still working hard to find what to say on my blog, but, it won’t take long, I promise. Now have fun and … ah, a guy said I’m funny … this is mysterious and I don’t understand ….. Bah, it’s too serious for me. Now begins the real show.

What do we talk about on this blog.

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Some blogs may have forbidden terms, but not this one. Some blogs may have forbidden subject, but not this one. Some blogs may be cool and all, but … what am I talking about? Ah, what I want to say is that some blogs are very special and this is one of them. Tell me what you like and if you don’t have an answer, this is just because I don’t want to answer and I don’t care about you. It’s a joke. The real reason is because I hate you. No, it’s another joke. Na, it’s not a joke. Finally, it’s a joke. Don’t take it personally. Bye, take care of yourself and wait for a real subject.

How to kill a blogger?

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Beware : the following post may countain words of extreme violence and gore. This is an unrated version so you must take care : you could be contaminated and try to do the same thing. It is very dangerous so don’t try it at home. We can now begin.

First we must know what a blogger is. It is a very primitive being just good to tell insanities on the web and make everyone think he’s right. So, you ask me how to beat this (so!!!!) frightening beast. It’s not difficult. Take your time. Read carefully what the little guy says and find his weakness. Then use it to destroy him and make him understand the meaning of oblivion.

Now, it is over! Post your comment and wait for the answer.